Skye Petrolium

Paraffin Treatment

Paraffin has plagued oil and gas operators since the first wells were drilled. Paraffin is a waxy material found in the majority of the world’s crude oil. When the crude oil is in the formation and kept at formation temperatures, it stays as a liquid and does not pose much problem. However, when the crude oil temperature cools, the paraffin starts to solidify. This solidification can be compared to candle wax hardening after it cools. Once paraffin starts to harden or fall out of suspension, it must be treated or considerable production decreases will result. The current methods used for this process are damaging to the well and have significant life reduction to the formation. By slipstreaming our proprietary chemical solution down hole we have been able to keep the paraffin in solution and increase the life of the well all while greatly enhancing the wells production.

SKYE CHEM WD-RTU is a mixed structure, oil soluble paraffin dispersant synergistically combining multiple chemistry’s.

●The first acts as a wedge between the wax crystals

●The second changes the polarity of the crystals to a like charge causing them to want to stay away from each other

●The third distorts the edges of the wax crystals making it difficult for them to fit together.

Flow is greatly increased and paraffin related maintenance reduced.

By reducing maintenance and production costs for paraffin oil wells, our technology allows producers/operators to lower their lifting costs. Lower lifting costs mean greater profits at the well head. As lifting cost begin to lower and more crude is produced our technology could become “common place” as an industry standard for well treatment.